Commit History

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  Sebastian Kreisel 99f9bf8de2 Fix: Quick and dirty fix to include both webm and mp4 as video source 8 months ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 7c666295ab Add: Simple HTML5 video for mp4 and webm image extension 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 24497d9ce1 Add line-comments as well as labels and hyperrefs 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 1cb3b46ca2 Update WriteHtml to adjust to new CSS classes and small fixes 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 3cb011be1c Update ReadLatex to decomplicate inline parsing. Overhaul of minipage to make it flexible 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel cf948afb45 Fix two small bugs in WriteHtml and ReadLatex 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 8af10374df Update latex to html structure slightly and modify html writing 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 89c53a702d Fix follow-up tyop, damnit 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 13fb3e750a Fix typo in enumerate parsing 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 6dce2cf01e Add WriteLatex plus small changes to HTML writing 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 30dd9336fe Update with major changes to support nested blocks and inlines 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 1ac77eeae9 Fix compiler warnings 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 22e2e758c9 Add semi-proper img-tag parsing 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 7f1780888d Update HTML conversion 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 00b0e6c464 Add hline, doublepage, triplepage 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 6f89f449e5 switched from string to text 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 686a3788b9 fixed multiple small issues and added some more latex control statements 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kreisel c15e764144 pre-main delete 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kreisel aa36fac9d0 work 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kreisel fa3c5ca88e implement stuff from Stephen Diehl's tutorial 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kreisel e0177ec20e git initial 2 years ago