Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Sebastian Kreisel 8f80981e17 Add: Working towards easy isomorphism checks from group files 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 203d284b43 Add: Application to write Sn and Cn as well as application to search for groups of a given order 1 year ago
  seb a1198af1f3 Update: README to a bare-bones overview-compile-run info file 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 6c033e19fb Add: Application dir and first application to list all group files in a dir 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel ea5c34d316 Add: Finish meta reading and parsing. Not thoroughly tested but seems to work 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel cd651e916a Add: GroupMetaInfo read and parsing but not finished 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 039c02a473 Update: Small changes to file reading and start of meta info read 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel f33f2200fd Add: First working version of readGroupFromFile 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 9e9d0a5533 Add: Initial version of group print to file 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 51e6996f2b Add: Versioning and almost completed all group_sprint functions 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 7ee81cad8c Update: Make group IO functions more modular and reusable 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel f7e0b83860 Add: Simple string-encoding function for indexed groups 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 8e4ffa2bd8 Add: Minor changes and some experiments in main. Updated TODO 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel f0ab6ea2c8 Update: checkForIsomorphismFromGen should now work. Tested with sn 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 9648ab4880 Add: Untested, initial version of checkForIsomorphismFromGen and improved utility for minGeneratingSetConstr 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 31268c367f Add: Expand hom from gen, slightly modified and minGenSet with order restriction 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel e2d501db31 Remove: group_hom gen-based functions. Small additions to basic group functionality 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 4737db5d39 Misc: Commit storing the failed attempt of group isomorphism checks via generating sets 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel f050e594f7 Fix: Many issues in genDecomposition. Now tested and working. group_hom still broken 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 6025b4fe08 Add more partial homomorphism functionality and decomposition into genSet elements. Untested. 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel faf49ba4dd Update: Major changes to all files to use elfc_lib. Many small improvements and fixes. 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel d576eb846e Update: To makefile and minor changes 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kreisel f3b7e2e394 Remove emacs save-file 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 27c1d48d04 Remove cpp and haskell implementation 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kreisel eda5b19afc Add basic functionality for rings 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 4c0ee2ecdf Update group to not have invs precomputed and minor related changes 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 4622b21464 Add renaming isomorphisms, convention fixes and small misc things 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 4e4606ebdb Add test for subgroup Sn-1 within Sn and small fixes 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 229ea03213 Add printing for map and prepare permuatation sorting; untested 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kreisel 97c529d012 Add better array printing and more tests. Minor misc changes 2 years ago